Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each appointment?

Plan on 90 minutes for your first appointment. Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to complete the new patient paperwork.  Follow-up appointments are usually 60 minutes.

How should I prepare?

Wear loose comfortable clothing. If needed, there are cloth gowns available. Eat and drink normally before your appointment. A light meal or snack 30- 60 minutes before your treatment is advised.

Are the acupuncture needles safe? 

Yes! All needles used are pre-sterilized, pre-packaged, and disposable. Each needle is used only one time and deposited in a bio-hazard container to ensure safe disposal.

Is acupuncture painful?

Acupuncture needles are much thinner than standard injection needles used for vaccines or to draw blood.  Most patients feel a mild sensation in the local area and many report feeling nothing at all. Once the needles have been inserted, the patient rests for 20-30 minutes. Usually patients fall asleep and report that the treatments are very relaxing.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments and the frequency of treatments will depend on each patient’s individual health issues.

Chronic conditions generally require a longer course of treatment, while acute conditions can usually be resolved more quickly. 

Generally 2 treatments per week for the first 2-3 weeks are recommended to allow the individual’s response to be evaluated. 

Treatments once a week for an additional 4 weeks are usually enough to resolve most conditions. 

Some issues may resolve more quickly, while others may take several months. Each person’s response to acupuncture is unique and depends greatly on their general health.

What type of payment do you accept?

Payment is due at the time of each appointment. Check, cash and credit cards accepted. Open auto accidents claims and workers compensation claims accepted.

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